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Serving Athletes

My name is Nico, and I am a former Division I FCS football player who founded Next Chapter Athletes. My mission is to provide you, current and former student-athletes, the tools to discover your potential off the field and find success in your next chapter.

What is a Next Chapter Athlete?

Playing football at a high level required 100% of my time, commitment, and belief. I sacrificed my body and mind to be the best player I could be. Once I hung up the helmet for the last time, all of that energy had to be directed elsewhere, but to what?


Years later, I realized that the final moment was not the end of being an athlete—the playing field had evolved. In this next chapter, I am an athlete of the game of life who is working towards personal growth and development. That mentality inspired me to coin the phrase "Next Chapter Athlete." 


You write, we guide.

We believe that the sport you played was only a part of, rather than your full story. As the writer of your story, we will provide the wisdom, tools, and guidance to make it one you are proud of.


If you have any questions, you can find us here.



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